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Local autonomy, introduced under the establishment of the constitution in 1952, was suspended in 1961 due to the military regime. In 1991, the local assembly was formed and in 1995, it was revived with the election of the local autonomy mayor by the citizens. Local autonomy, by making the local government come to resolutions through the participation of citizens under the responsibility of the local government, is a democratic political principle for the citizens to lead a peaceful life. The central government should be absorbed in national affairs such as national defense and diplomacy, while the local government allots its roles of responsibility to ensure citizens' clinical problems in life. Both parties should form a mutual and cooperative relationship. The local government should not be interfered by the central government in terms of carrying out its affairs, should be able to make decisions autonomously, and should possess finances, personnels and authority required for the above. The central government must aid the local government to complete its role. Citizens should play their role as the sovereign and take responsibility by enthusiastically and actively participating in the process of execution by the local government. Ever since the revival of local autonomy, the local government is establishing itself under difficult conditions as an intimate government to resolve our daily problems.
With the present reality of citizens' lives being excluded due to stiffening of government authorization and paralyzation of its function under the plethora of authority of the central government the local government should come to the political center of resolving the daily problems of citizens. This charter was legislated for the civil society to carry out life-based politics through the participation of citizens, and to impede the retrogression of the central authority and counter-autonomous actions made by the central government. This is a demonstration of the citizens' interests and intentions to put locality in the center of life, and is a proposal by the citizens to activate local autonomy.

We hope the spirit and the content of the charter is respected and put into practice by the central government, the local government and the civil society. 22 March, 2001
<Legislation of charter>
Civil Society Network for the declaration of local autonomy legislation

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National Association of Mayors, Cheongju-si