Greed of NAM

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We have a strong conviction that the activation of local autonomy will play its role as a critical alternative in developing democracy and reinforcing national competition. Therefore, we declare that we will act as follows.
  • 01We, as leaders of the local government, will sincerely attend to our role as volunteers
    for the promotion of civil welfare.
  • 02We respect the principles of civil autonomy by the citizens and for the citizens.
  • 03We strongly encourage civil participation along with the citizens.
  • 04We respect the local assembly, which represents the citizens.
  • 05We lead in the exposure of corruption by carrying out our duties with integrity and devotion.
  • 06We contribute to the development of local administration by supplementing rationality and
    efficiency to administrative management.
  • 07We continuously demand systematic amelioration for the activation of local autonomy, and
    responding powerfully to partial political circles and the counter-autonomic movements of
    the central government.
11 October, 2001
National Association of Mayors