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N.A.M.K. consists of 226 mayors as regular members, who are categorised according to the types of local governments as “Si Jang”{mayor of a city}, or“Gun Su”{mayor of a county}, or “Gu Cheong Jang”{mayor of a district in a metropolitan city}). Currently, 75 mayors of cities, 82 mayors of counties, 69 mayors of districts are working as members of the Association. There are also 2 associate members in N.A.M.K., who are non-elected mayors from Jejudo province(mayor of Jeju, of Seoguipo).
※ Current number of mayors in each regions of R.O.K.
NO Regoion Total cities counties districts
Total 226 75 82 69
1 Seoul Si(Metropolitan City) 25 - - 25
2 Busan Si(Metropolitan City) 16 - 1 15
3 Daegu Si(Metropolitan City) 8 - 1 7
4 Incheon Si(Metropolitan City) 10 - 2 8
5 Gwangju Si(Metropolitan City) 5 - - 5
6 Daejeon Si(Metropolitan City) 5 - - 5
7 Ulsan Si(Metropolitan City) 5 - 1 4
8 Gyeonggi Do (province) 31 28 3 -
9 Gangwon Do (province) 18 7 11 -
10 Chungcheongbuk Do (province) 11 3 8 -
11 Chungcheongnam Do (province) 15 8 7 -
12 Jeollabuk Do (province) 14 6 8 -
13 Jeollanam Do (province) 22 5 17 -
14 Gyeongsangbuk Do (province) 23 10 13 -
15 Gyeongsangnam Do (province) 18 8 10 -
General Assembly of N.A.M.K. is held once per year, and all members of the Association are invited to paticipate in the Assembly. The Assembly is convened upon the condition that at least a tenth part of the members requests holding the Assembly, or the President of the Associaion recognises the necessity of the Assembly. The Assembly deals with approval of the artilcles amendment, matters related with local autonomy, determining main policies of the Association, etc.
  • The General Assembly held in Ulsan(16. Nov. 2017)
    The General Assembly held in Ulsan
    (16. Nov. 2017)
  • Proceeding conference in the Assembly
    Proceeding conference in the Assembly
The Commission is composed of 15 representatives of regions(metropolitan cities, provinces) and 3 representatives from rural counties. The Commission conference is held bimonthly and itinerantly, and its main functions are election of executive, settlement of budget, amendment of the articles, reinforcement of relation among the members, discussion on national policies, common matters related with local autonomy, etc.
  • The meeting of the Commission(3. Jul. 2017)
    The meeting of the Commission(3. Jul. 2017)
  • The Commission conference(16. Nov. 2017)
    The Commission conference(16. Nov. 2017)
Presently, there are 15 Regional Associations which is mainly divided by means of boundaries of metropolises or provinces. Therefore, each Regional Associations consist of mayors whose cities, counties or districts affiliated to the same metropolitan or provincial regions. The Presidents of the Associations become ‘ex officio’ members of the Commission of Regional Representatives, and they communicate regional opinions and proposals to the Commission, and vice versa.
The Association has 3 Subcommittees of cities, of counties, and of districts(autonomous) so as to deal with each intrinsic issues of their own. Likewise, The Association establishes Special Committees that operate to cover specific issues such as amendment of constitution for local autonomy and devolution, reform of current party nomination system in local election.
The Association’s finance is managed by membership fees paid from every local governments of cities, counties, districts.